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All deadlines will happen at 11:59PM UTC.

Nominations: March 25 - April 1 CLOSED
Signups: April 3 - April 16 CLOSED
Assignments out: April 19
Default deadline: May 31
Posting deadline: June 3
Gift reveals: When everyone has a gift, but not before June 4.

What is this?:

Soul Exchange is a fanfic and fanart exchange for soulmate and soulbond tropes. Participants will match on relationships, tropes, and type of fanwork they want to offer/receive.

Once nominations are underway, I'll put up a post in this community to list all of the tropes nominated since tag sets can be kind of confusing to read. Nominators will be able to comment in that post with explanations of rare or potentially confusing tropes.

Nominations: Now closed. )

Signups: Now closed. )


Fanfic assignments should be a minimum of 1000 words. Fanart assignments should be at least inked line-art on white paper or polished digital art; no pencil sketches, lined paper, or obviously unfinished work.

Treats are allowed, and have no minimum limitations. You may post treats in the main collection whenever you like.

Assignments will go out as early as possible on April 19. You will have until June 3 to complete and upload your assignment.


If you are not able to complete your assignment, please go to your "My Assignments" page and click the "Default" button before 11:59 PM UTC on May 31.

You will not be allowed to participate in Soul Exchange in the future if you default after the default deadline, fail to turn in your assignment before the posting deadline (without defaulting), or if you delete your uploaded assignment after the posting deadline.

Pinch Hits:

When a writer or artist defaults, their recipient will become a pinch hit. (There may also be initial pinch hits right after assignments go out, if no suitable match is found for them.) Pinch hits will be posted on this community and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not accept more than one pinch hit at a time.

The only time a pinch hitter will not be sought is if the defaulted-on recipient also defaulted. This is the only case where a participant might not receive a gift -- they may still receive treats, but this isn't guaranteed.


Gifts will be revealed when everyone has a gift, but not before June 4. Gifters will remain anonymous for one week after gift reveals.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them here and I'll get back to you ASAP!
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I'm going to say these are due on June 3, but if you think you'll need more time then let me know and we can work it out.

Pinch hit #8: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV), Eroica Yori Ai o Komete | From Eroica with Love, Life on Mars (UK) )

Pinch hit #9: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Teen Wolf (TV) )

To claim one of these pinch hits, comment here with your Ao3 username.
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So if you think you might be able to take it on, please head over to the initial pinch hits post and give it a look!
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If you have the time and inclination to take on a pinch hit, please head over to the initial pinch hits post and look through what's available. We need pinch hitters!

(Please respond on that post, not on this one.)
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Your assignments have been sent!

You have until June 3 to complete your assignment. If you have any questions about your assignment, or if I somehow managed to match you to someone who wasn't requesting what you offered (unlikely, but not impossible), please email me as soon as possible at soulexchange at to fix this.

Also, please email me if you have any questions you would like to ask your recipient, and I'll pass your questions on to them. Please don't contact your recipient directly.

Not everyone was able to be matched to a giver, so there are seven initial pinch hits. Pinch hit claims are first-come first-served, but please only pick up one at a time. (You may claim a pinch hit even if you aren't signed up for this exchange.)

You can claim a pinch hit by replying to this post with your Ao3 username. Comments are screened.

The deadline for these pinch hits is the same as for assignments: June 3.

All pinch hits are claimed!
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Signups are now closed. There are three participants who have no potential recipients; I'll be contacting them shortly to see if they would like to add any fandoms, relationships, or tropes to their offers.

Once that's all settled, assignments will be sent out. This will happen no later than 11:59 PM UTC on April 19.
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Well, not exactly one day. It's 1 AM UTC, and the deadline is 11:59 PM. Or it was, but something work-related came up and I may not be able to make it to my computer for a few hours after the deadline, so you may get some bonus signup time. Woohoo!

As a reminder, the requests are visible. If you're not sure what to offer, why not peruse the requests and see if anything there strikes your fancy?
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Hey, all -- it's come to my attention that there's a confusingly-worded trope in the tag set that I let slip through. If you either nominated or are requesting the trope "Saying Their Soulmate's Last Words", could you please clarify what you mean by this trope?

(On that token, if you're not sure what a trope means, I highly recommend you do not offer it. There are many other wonderful tropes in this tag set!)
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Thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier post. Sorry I didn't get the chance to reply to you all individually, but Life happened. Seems that pretty much everyone is in favor of pushing back the signups to last another week, so I'm going to do just that. The new closing date for signups is 11:59 PM UTC on Sunday, April 16.

To make up for cutting into writing/arting time, the gift deadline will be pushed back two weeks (so as not to conflict with [community profile] familyex. The new gift deadline will be 11:59 PM UTC on June 3. Thank you to everyone who weighed in!
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It's come to my attention that the signup period for this exchange might be a little too short, considering how complex some signups may turn out to be. Would anyone be opposed to my stretching signups out for another week, until April 17?

In doing so, I would have to make another choice: Do I leave the deadline as it is, shortening the gifting period, or do I extend that by a week also?

Please let me know what you think!
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A time-honored tradition of gift exchanges is the "Dear Gifter" letter. If you've written one, feel free to post a link to it in the comments of this post.

Letters aren't mandatory, but they do give you more room to talk about what you like and don't like, and can help you to better organize your requests.
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Since the tag set appears to be in order, signups are now open! You may sign up here.

Some things to keep in mind:

- You can request and offer the same fandom more than once, for fine-tuning purposes. You do still need to request and offer at least three fandoms for matching purposes. I will ask you to amend your signup if fewer than three fandoms are represented in either your requests or offers.

- Remember that you need only match on one fandom, relationship, and trope per request. If you're requesting both John Doe/Regina Roe and John Doe/Jane Doe, and your requested tropes are "Soulmate Timers", "Accidental Soulbond", and "Soulmate Reincarnation", you could potentially match on any combination of those tropes and relationships.

- The "Fanfic match" and "Fanart match" tags are character tags due to Ao3 limitations. They'll work just fine regardless.

- You can offer "any" relationship, but keep in mind this literally means any of the relationships that fandom has listed in the tag set. This does not include relationships not in the tag set. Use this option wisely.

- Sadly, Ao3 has a hard limit on how many different requests and offers a signup can have, and the bucket option wouldn't really work for this exchange, so you're limited to ten requests and ten offers.

Now go forth and sign up! I'm here for any questions you may have.
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It's April 2 and nominations are now closed. If you see any errors or confusing tags in the tag set, comment here to let me know. I'll be vetting the tag set myself over the next couple of days before sign ups start.

Thank you to everyone who nominated!
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Nominations are closing in roughly 18 and a half hours -- tonight at 11:59 PM UTC. (That's 7 PM US Eastern Time.) To see the time remaining until the deadline, click here for a countdown timer.

The time for corrections and clarifications to the tag set will be before signups start on Monday, April 3. So if you see any problems there, comment here as soon as possible to let me know!
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A question was raised about the exact meaning of the tropes "Conflicting Soulmates" and "Conflicting Soulbonds". When I approved these nominations, I assumed they meant "Your soulmate's soulmate isn't you" and "Your soulbond is soulbonded to someone who isn't you", but it was brought to my attention that these tropes could also mean that you and your soulmate/soulbond have conflicting goals, or fight with each other. Could the nominator speak up and clarify which meaning they meant?

(On that note, I've just approved the nomination "Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual", which is probably a more clear way of describing what I thought the former trope's name meant.)

The following issues remain from the last post I made:

- There remains one nomination for "Red String of Fate". Nominator, if you want this to be a soulbond trope, please modify your nomination to clarify that. If you nominated it as a soulmate trope, I've already approved "Soulmate AU: Red String of Fate", so you can clear that trope from your nominations if there's something else you'd like to nominate in its place.

- To the nominator of "Defying Fate", please modify your nomination to be more clear about what you're interested in here. Also, please specify whether you're nominating it as a soulmate or soulbond trope.
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"Denna (Legend of the Seeker)/Marian of Knighton (Robin Hood)" and "Fancy Rae Baker (Fancy)/Ann Rutledge (Damien)" have been nominated under the fandom "Once Upon A Time (TV)". If you nominated these relationships, please modify your nomination to place them under "Crossover Fandom" instead. Thank you!

If you nominated "Red String of Fate", please modify your nomination to specify whether you want it as a soulmate trope or a soulbond trope. Edit: One nomination for this trope was changed to specify soulmates; thanks! One nomination for this trope remains, though. Second nominator, if you want this as a soulbond trope please modify your nomination to say so.

Edit: If you nominated "Defying Fate", please modify your nomination to be more specific about what it is you're looking for. Additionally, please specify whether you want it as a soulmate trope or a soulbond trope.
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Thanks to everyone who's nominated so far. The tag set looks great! I just have a few requests:

1. When nominating a fandom that has multiple incarnations (such as Marvel Comics vs. MCU or Voltron: Defenders of the Universe vs. Voltron: Legendary Defender), please disambiguate your relationships with the version of the canon you're nominating. I try to catch these when I can, but if you disambiguate when nominating, the process goes a lot smoother. Your tags should look like this:

- Steve Rogers/Steve Rogers (MCU)
- Allura/Lance/Hunk/Zarkon (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
- Heymans Breda/Yoki (2003 Anime)

(Obviously, substitute the correct fandom if you're nominating a different one than in these examples.)

2. Crossover nominations should go under the fandom "Crossover Fandom", and should be formatted like so:

- Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)/Matilda Wormwood (Matilda)
- Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow TV)/Garcia Flynn (Timeless TV)

3. Freeform/trope nominations need to specify whether they're soulmate or soulbond tropes, as some participants will only want to match on one or the other. To those who nominated "Red String of Fate", please modify your nomination to clarify whether you want it to be a soulmate or soulbond trope.
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I said I was going to sleep but it looks like I was wrong, whoops. One more note on nominations: If you're nominating a fandom that has different incarnations (such as Marvel Comics vs MCU, Jem and the Holograms comics vs the cartoon, etc.), please disambiguate your relationships with the version of the fandom you're nominating:

- Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance (DCU Comics)
- Keith/Shiro (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
- Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor/Jem | Jerrica Benton (Comics)

Many thanks to [personal profile] sirvalkyrie for pointing out the issue that not disambiguating causes, i.e. tags can drift between related fandoms.

I've corrected the tags that are already in the tag set, but please disambiguate your nominations from here on.

Edit: Also, to the person who nominated "True Love's Kiss" as a trope, please modify your nomination to specify whether you want it to be a soulmate or soulbond trope. Thank you!
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I won't be approving the tags Romantic Soulmates and Platonic Soulmates. Whether a relationship is romantic or platonic is already determined by whether a slash or ampersand is used in the relationship name. To those who nominated these tags, please replace these nominations with something else!

Yes, gifts where the main relationship are not soulmates or soulbonded will certainly be allowed, but in that case you'd want to use a tag more along the lines of "In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate".

Remember that matching will be on an or basis, meaning that you only need share one relationship and one trope in common to be matched as a recipient and gifter.

(And on that note, I'm probably going to head to sleep since it's late here. Nomination approvals will recommence in the morning. Thanks to everyone who's turned out thus far!)
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I find freeforms incredibly difficult to parse in tag sets, so I'm making this post for anyone who has the same issue. Feel free to comment if you don't understand what a particular trope means or if you'd like to explain one that you nominated.

Read more... )
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It's not quite the 25th in this exchange's operative time zone (UTC), but it is the 25th somewhere, and I'm going to be a little busy tomorrow, so... better early than late!

I realize that I've neglected to mention this, but when nominating tropes, please make sure that you specify whether it's a soulmate or a soulbond trope. Some people will only want to match on one or the other, so it's important to be clear!

Go here to nominate!
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