Mar. 26th, 2017

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A question was raised about the exact meaning of the tropes "Conflicting Soulmates" and "Conflicting Soulbonds". When I approved these nominations, I assumed they meant "Your soulmate's soulmate isn't you" and "Your soulbond is soulbonded to someone who isn't you", but it was brought to my attention that these tropes could also mean that you and your soulmate/soulbond have conflicting goals, or fight with each other. Could the nominator speak up and clarify which meaning they meant?

(On that note, I've just approved the nomination "Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual", which is probably a more clear way of describing what I thought the former trope's name meant.)

The following issues remain from the last post I made:

- There remains one nomination for "Red String of Fate". Nominator, if you want this to be a soulbond trope, please modify your nomination to clarify that. If you nominated it as a soulmate trope, I've already approved "Soulmate AU: Red String of Fate", so you can clear that trope from your nominations if there's something else you'd like to nominate in its place.

- To the nominator of "Defying Fate", please modify your nomination to be more clear about what you're interested in here. Also, please specify whether you're nominating it as a soulmate or soulbond trope.


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