Jun. 3rd, 2017

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First of all, we still need a taker for pinch hit #12. Your work will be due June 8. Please go take a look! Nevermind!

Second, for everyone except for those who took the recent pinch hits, your posting deadline is in less than 24 hours: 11:59 PM UTC today, June 3. If you don't think you'll have your assignment done by then, please email me at soulexchange@gmx.com to work something out.

Third, due to the last-minute pinch hits and my failure to accommodate for them in scheduling, I've decided that the work reveals date will be pushed back to June 10. I'm really sorry that I didn't consider this before, but this should give everyone the buffer they need for finishing pinch hits and making last-minute tweaks to their assignments.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.
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One final warning that the posting deadline is about eight hours from now: 11:59 PM UTC, 7:59 PM US Eastern time.
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The posting deadline has passed. Most people already have their assignments in (hurray!). Of those who don't, about half are either last-minute pinch hitters (who have a deadline of June 8) or have personally emailed me requesting extensions. I'll be contacting the remaining gifters, and if I don't hear back from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'll forcibly default them and put their assignments out as pinch hits.

The collection reveal should be in one week, on June 10 (assuming nothing goes catastrophically pear-shaped).


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