Remix Revival!

Jul. 17th, 2017 07:44 am
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I signed up for [community profile] remixrevival! I ended up with a selection of fandoms that I think would be good, and included Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and the Fatal Frame series in general. Hopefully people will sign up in those fandoms so I can have something to remix (I did offer some big fandoms so I have someone I can remix, but I'm hoping I get someone in one of my regular fandoms.) You only have to have one fandom that's considered remixable (5 fics of 100 or more or 3 fics of 500 or more) to join.

Remixes are fun and interesting - you take someone else's fic and put your own spin on it - it's almost like picking up a prompt from, say, Yuletide and writing it. I've written remixes of drabbles before - "Noble Boxes (The Doomed Italian remix)" for Doctor Who (classic) and "Coldish Hell (The Frozen Face Remix)" (Plants vs Zombies).

GenEx Letter

Jul. 17th, 2017 01:51 pm
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Dear Author,

Here are a few prompts to help you write your story, I'm sure that I'll love anything you will write and thank you for writing for me.


Character bashing, sad endings, death of major characters.


Case fic, happy endings, worldbuilding, team fics, family fics, hurt/comfort.

Fandom Specifics

Fandom: Scorpion (TV 2014)

Ralph Dineen & Walter O'Brien

Doing a science project together, how they interact and bond together.

Paige Dineen & Ralph Dineen

On vacation together, home life or if one is sick and the other has to take care of them.

Toby Curtis & Paige Dineen & Sylvester Dodd & Walter O'Brien & Happy Quinn

Working together to solve a case how they interact with each other and how they come together to support each other when something happens.

Fandom: Lucifer (TV)

Trixie Decker & Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer has to care for Trixie when Chloe is sick, taking Trixie out for the day.

Trixie Decker & Mazikeen

Maze takes care of Trixie while Chloe is at work - what trouble might they get into? How their friendship develops.

Chloe Decker & Ella Lopez & Linda Martin & Mazikeen

Girls night out, discussing Lucifer, road trip

Fandom: Call the Midwife

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Timothy Turner

How Tim thinks about Shelagh becoming his mother one day, Shelagh takes care of Tim when he is sick.

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Julienne

How Sister Julienne helps Shelagh when she realizes she's in love with Doctor Turner, how Sister Julienne supports Shelagh throughout her pregnancy and birth of her child.

Bernadette | Shelagh Turner & Angela Turner & Timothy Turner

Showing Shelagh as a mother - perhaps at Christmas time or when the children are sick. Shelagh is taking them out on a day trip.

Fandom: Babylon 5

Delenn & Susan Ivanova

How Susan supports Delenn after John's death, Delenn helping Susan during her years as Ranger One.

Delenn & Lennier

How they support each other, Lennier caring for Delenn after her transformation, taking care of each other when one of them gets hurt.

Susan Ivanova & John Sheridan

How they help each other when a mission goes wrong, How John supports Susan after Marcus dies, John teaching Susan about baseball, having a night out together to celebrate John becoming president.

Doctor Who

Jul. 16th, 2017 07:56 pm
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Spoilers ahead for those who have not heard the news about the new Doctor!

So today we found out that the new Doctor will be a woman played by Jodie Whittaker of Broadchurch fame. I never watched Broadchurch but will probably watch her in Doctor Who to give her a chance. I'm a bit behind the programme as I stopped watching it a while ago - just after David Tennant left but saw the odd show from Matt Smith and recently Peter Capaldi.

Almost finish season 1 of Scorpion will watch the last episode tonight and start season 2 tomorrow. Trying to extend my viewing until most of the programmes start back in September/October time.

Will catch up with some chores this weekend - do a pile of washing, etc. So having a quiet weekend hopefully.

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Jul. 16th, 2017 12:25 pm
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the new doctor is a woman and i'm fairly sure steven moffat is leaving.

life is good.


i should be happy...

Jul. 14th, 2017 08:05 pm
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... but i feel sick at the news of a new Doctor being named this Sunday. I fucking know it's gonna be another white dude. I'll always be a whovian but I'm done after this season. :/

Life update

Jul. 13th, 2017 08:15 pm
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Almost at the end of season 1 of Scorpion (episode 19) and loving it! I'm glad to hear season 4 starts in September as It'll give me time to catch up, hopefully, lol.

About to start work on my story for Rare Pairs Exchange, thankfully not due until August, so gives me time to get to it.

My boyfriends birthday is at the end of this month so thinking about what present to give him, luckily he's into Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. so it's relatively easy to figure out what to get him.

Wish it was better weather here though, Scottish weather at it's best. It's also quite muggy so hard to get to sleep, but since it's raining today, I hope it'll clear the air a bit.

Signed up for GenExchange so hope to be busy until the TV shows start back up September/October time.

Also hoping to get my aunt out for a couple of day trips when the weather is nicer, probably a drive round the coast or visit a National Trust property (it helps that I'm a member so don't have to pay, lol).

Supporting Cast Intros

Jul. 12th, 2017 08:22 pm
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Hollis Reed | 35 | Played by Richard Sherman

Hollis Reed was born and raised on earth but in his early 20’s expressed a desire to experience life is space so he took piloting classes and saved up money before leaving the planet permanently. He was eventually able to buy his own ship, starting his own mobile private investigation business, which he runs on his ship.

In school, Hollis met Franklin Harris who was also learning to pilot. Things led to another and eventually the two ended up getting married. At 35, Hollis lives a comfortable life with his husband that is eventually thrown off course by Zarah and Sebastian.

Franklin Harris-Reed | 35 | Played by Darryl Stephens

Franklin Harris-Reed grew up as Galactic Task Force brat. His parents were both task force members and as a result, they spent a lot of time moving from station to station, planet to planet, or station to planet. By the time they settled on Earth, he was in his late teens.

He went from job to job before eventually deciding to learn to pilot. There he met Hollis who shared a similar interest in flying a ship in space; an idea that thrilled Franklin to no ends.

Today they run their own PI business via their ship. It’s only when Zarah shows up unexpectedly that things start to get complicated for the two.

Keisha Ramsey | 36 | Played by Sameera Reddy

Keisha Ramsey is one of the first people Zarah met after coming to Artemis Station. Unlike the rest of the characters, Keisha was born and raised on Artemis Station. She went to school for business but after coming into a decent amount of money after divorcing her husband, Keisha bought a bar and decided to run it herself.

It’s at that bar where Zarah is given her first job but even after Zarah moves on to a different career the two stay good friends. She see’s Zarah as a younger sister who makes terrible decisions. Naturally she doesn’t think it’s a good idea when Sebastian hires her.
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For the new comm Showverse - Challenge 1, creating characters.

The 'verse is called A Bounty's Tale. An original fic of mine that I'm playing with for this community with the hopes it will get me to write more for it.


A Bounty’s Tale tells the story of bail enforcement agent Zarah Hale and former advisor to the Tiberius Prime Minister, Sebastian De Clare who meet one evening in a pub on Artemis Station. Zarah is a no nonsense bounty hunter who has a penchant for getting the job done and making sarcastic comments at ill advised times. Sebastian is an all around average, quiet guy trying to make life on Tiberius better for all of it’s residents but ultimately finds himself on the run due to the corruption running rampant on the planet.

These two couldn’t have lived more different lives. They meet as a result of Sebastian trying to raise money to get back to Tiberius by playing poker. When the plan fails and he can’t pay, Zarah steps in and in her own words ‘saves his ass’. It should have ended there but then Sebastian tells Zarah his life story and says he managed to escape the planet with a usb full of encrypted but devastating evidence of fraud on the planet.

With no money but a promise to pay in full once they decrypt the information and expose it on the planet and an expensive watch as a down payment, Sebastian tries to hire Zarah to help him. Despite Sarah's friend Keisha’s insistence that it’s a bad idea, she agrees to the terms. Now all they have to do is find a ship and that is where Hollis and Franklin come in.

Zarah Hale | 27 | Played by Nathalie Emmanuel

Zarah Hale is a Bail Enforcement Agent (Or Bounty Hunter) living on Artemis Station. She was born and raised on Earth (North East, USA) but after the death of her parents at age eighteen, she hopped on a shuttle off the planet.

For a few years, Zarah worked at a friend’s pub on Artemis Station. Zarah eventually grew sick of it and decided to get a galactic license as a bail enforcement agent.

The first time we meet Zarah is when she’s stumbling into a friend’s bar after tracking down a particularly difficult to find criminal. It’s there she stumbles into Sebastian who, in her opinion, is the worst poker player to ever walk the galaxy.

Sebastian De Clare | 30 | Played by Calum Worthy

Sebastian De Clare was born and raised on the planet of Tiberius. He grew up to eventually go to college and study law. A while after graduating, Sebastian was given a position in the Prime Minister’s cabinet courtesy of his brother Nathaniel who recently got himself as PM of Tiberius.

A few years into the job, Nathaniel falls ill and a temporary PM is assigned. There Sebastian discovers the fraud and corruption running rampant on Tiberius. He is eventually forced to flee the planet once they discover he has damning information (encrypted, of course, but Sebastian still in in possession of it) about all their illegal exploits.

He soon finds himself on Artemis Station in desperate need to find a way to get back to Tiberius and expose the corruption. Luckily, Zarah is more than willing to help.

And now the title card and tag line...

AU Exchange

Jul. 11th, 2017 04:57 pm
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Dear AU Exchange Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :)

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Dragon Age
Mass Effect Trilogy

Likes and Dislikes )

Mass Effect: Andromeda )

Dragon Age )

Mass Effect Trilogy )

Thank you so much!

Remix Revival poll

Jul. 10th, 2017 05:55 pm
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I'm doing [community profile] remixrevival this year, because I love doing remixes. I looked at all fandoms on AO3 where I think I have the minimum requirements (5 over 100 words or 3 over 500 words) and had more than 5 fics. I'm curious to see if anybody on my FL is considering doing Remix Revival, and if so, what of my fandoms we might match on. (Note that there are fandoms here that I know are problematic and I know some of my FL doesn't like them, but I'm including them anyway for the sake of completeness.)

This got a bit long because I write in far too many fandoms. )
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