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Trope Nominations list

I find freeforms incredibly difficult to parse in tag sets, so I'm making this post for anyone who has the same issue. Feel free to comment if you don't understand what a particular trope means or if you'd like to explain one that you nominated.

Soulmate tropes:

  • After meeting your soulmate you start going into heat/rut

  • Born Without/Lacking Soulmate-Identifying Mark

  • Conflicting Soulmates

  • Coping With Soulmate's Death

  • Daemon AU: Your Soulmate's Daemon is the Same as Yours

  • Daemon Settles When You Meet Your Soulmate

  • Different Soulmates During Different Reincarnations

  • Dreaming of Soulmate

  • Elderly person meets soulmate's reincarnation as a child

  • Elfquest Recognition AU (soulmates)

  • Enemy Is Their Soulmate

  • Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid

  • Family Members As Platonic Soulmates

  • Fated Rival Soulmates See Red When They First Meet

  • First Ever Soulmates

  • First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Their Skin

  • First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Your Skin (changed from "Soulmark is First Words Spoken to Soulmate" for clarity)

  • Gravity Falls Do-Over Universe; Soulmates Share Do-Overs

  • Haunted By Soulmate's Ghost

  • Having A Soulmate Is Simultaneously The Best And Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person

  • Homestuck Quadrants for Soulmates

  • Killing Your Own Soulmate

  • Identifying Soulmates Is An Art Not A Science And Mistakes Can Happen

  • Identity Porn With Your Soulmate

  • In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate

  • Incorrectly Convinced That You're Soulmates

  • Injuries Transfer to Soulmate

  • Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person

  • Magic Powers Go Away When You Meet Your Soulmate

  • Magical Dating Site That Always Matches Soulmates

  • Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate

  • Multiple Soulmates

  • New Soulmate After A Soulmate's Death

  • Non-monogamous Soulmates

  • Non-Soulmate Relationship in a Soulmate Universe

  • One Soulmate Has Lost Their Soul

  • One Soulmate is Immortal and the Other(s) Isn't/Aren't

  • Only Soulmates Can Make Music Together

  • Pretending to Be Someone's Soulmate

  • Platonic Soulmates Mistaken For Romantic

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU: Soulmates Affect Soul Gems

  • Refusing To Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates

  • Reincarnated Soulmates

  • Romantically Incompatible Soulmates

  • Saying Their Soulmate's Last Words

  • Secret Soulmates

  • Secretly Pining for Platonic Soulmate

  • Secretly Pining for Romantic Soulmate

  • Sense8 Fusion (Soulmates)

  • Sharing your Soulmate with Non-Soulmate(s)

  • Siblings are Platonic Soulmates

  • Siblings are Romantic Soulmates

  • Societal Belief That Soulmates Are One Person

  • Societal Stigma Against Incestuous Soulmates

  • Societal Stigma Against Interspecies Soulmates

  • Societal Stigma Against Non-Soulmate Relationships

  • Societal Stigma Against Soulmates Being Romantic

  • Societal Stigma Against Soulmate Relationships

  • Soulbonded Lovers Reincarnate As Soulmates

  • Soulbonding With Someone Else When You Already Have A Soulmate

  • Soulmark is First Words Spoken to Soulmate

  • Soulmate AU: Red String of Fate

  • Soulmate AU: Simultaneous Deaths

  • Soulmate AU: Universal Translators

  • Soulmate death causes insanity

  • Soulmate Empathy

  • Soulmate is Another Species

  • Soulmate Is Fated Nemesis/Rival

  • Soulmate Name as Tattoo

  • Soulmate-Identifying Marks

  • Soulmate-Identifying Mark Is Damaged

  • Soulmate-Identifying Timers

  • Soulmate-Induced Aging

  • Soulmate-Induced Color Vision

  • Soulmate-Induced Immortality

  • Soulmate-Induced Insanity

  • Soulmate-Induced Physical Transformation

  • Soulmate Marks Believed to Identify Breeding Partners

  • Soulmate Remembers You (When No One Else Does)

  • Soulmate Telepathy

  • Soulmate's Kiss Can Cure All Wounds

  • Soulmate's Touch Can Turn Dead Soulmate Back Alive but at a Price

  • Soulmates Across Multiple Universes

  • Soulmates are From Enemy Families/Cultures/Groups

  • Soulmates are One Soul Split in Half (Greek Myth - Plato)

  • Soulmates are scientifically identifiable

  • Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual

  • Soulmates being born in different time periods

  • Soulmates Can Hear Each Other's Zanpakuto

  • Soulmates Can Reproduce Regardless Of Assigned Gender

  • Soulmates Can Never Reproduce

  • Soulmates Die If They Fall In Love With Each Other

  • Soulmates Die If They Don't Have Sex

  • Soulmates Feel Each Other's Pain and Pleasure

  • Soulmates in a BDSM Universe

  • Soulmates Literally Have Each Other's Hearts

  • Soulmates Create Better Art

  • Soulmates Randomly Swap Bodies

  • Soulmates Share A Random Internal Organ

  • Soulmates Share Dreams

  • Soulmates Share One Another's Pain

  • Soulmates Share Writing On Skin

  • Soulmates with an Artificial Intelligence

  • Their Soulmate Doesn't Believe in Soulmates

  • Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty

  • True's Love Kiss (Soulmate Trope)

  • Universe Pulls Soulmates Together

  • Unrequited Soulmates Causes Hanahaki Disease

  • Wings Only Visible to Soulmates

  • You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulmate Is Alive

  • Your Ghost Can't Move On To The Afterlife Until Your Soulmate Is Dead Too

Soulbond tropes:

  • Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World

  • Accidental Soulbond

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Friends

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Strangers

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing

  • Aliens Made Them Soulbond

  • Alpha/Alpha Soulbond

  • Alpha/Beta Soulbond

  • Alpha/Omega Soulbond

  • Arranged Soulbonding

  • Beta/Beta Soulbond

  • Beta/Omega Soulbond

  • Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond

  • Claiming Bite Causes Soulbond

  • Conflicting Soulbonds

  • D/s Soulbond (Dominant partner can control the submissive)

  • Egg Laying From A Soulbond

  • First Words You Speak to Your Soulbond Appear On Their Skin

  • Forced Soulbond In Dystopian Space-Travel Future To Exploit Telepathy Being Faster Than Light

  • Freaking Out After Soulbonding

  • Gem Fusion Leads To Soulbond

  • Government-Enforced Soulbond

  • Harry Potter AU: Sorting Hat Also Randomly Soulbonds Students

  • Killing Someone Else's Soulbond to Make Them "Available"

  • Loveless Fusion (Fighter/Sacrifice Soulbonds)

  • Medically Malignant Soulbonds/Soulbonds Cancerous to One's Soul

  • Multiway Platonic Soulbonds

  • Mutually Assured Soulbond-Destruction

  • Non-Consensual Soulbond

  • Nonconsensually Broken Soulbond

  • Non-Soulbonded Relationship in Soulbond Verse

  • Omega/Omega Soulbond

  • One-sided Desire for Soulbond

  • One-Sided Soulbond

  • Organ Donor and Recipient Are Soulbonded

  • Pregnant From A Soulbond

  • Secret Soulbond

  • Sentinels & Guides AU (soulbond)

  • Sex-Induced Soulbond

  • Solar/Lunar Bond (Exalted 2E Soulbond)

  • Soulbond AU: Slave(s) Bound To Master

  • Soulbond as Control Mechanism

  • Soulbond as a Medical Condition

  • Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers

  • Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity

  • Soulbond Requires Regular Sex to Maintain

  • Soulbond Telepathy

  • Soulbond Witchcraft

  • Soulbond-Induced Mating Cycles

  • Soulbonded By Ritual Sex

  • Soulbonded By Saving A Live

  • Soulbonded Lovers Reincarnate As Soulmates

  • Soulbonded to Someone Who's Lost Their Soul

  • Soulbonded to the Enemy

  • Soulbonding as Body Horror

  • Soulbonding as Punishment

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism

  • Soulbonding Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong

  • Soulbonding Causes Need to Mate

  • Soulbonding Goes Horribly Wrong

  • Soulbonding Grants Powers

  • Soulbonding is Illegal

  • Soulbonding Regrets

  • Soulbonding With Someone Else When You Already Have A Soulmate

  • Soulbonding: Souls Can be Stolen

  • Soulbonds are rare and considered bad/unlucky

  • Soulbonds as a Rite of Passage

  • Soulbonds Have Legally Transferable Property Rights/Can Be Traded on a Market Exchange

  • Soulbonds Persist Through Time Travel

  • Soul Eater Fusion (Meister/Weapon Soulbonds)

  • Telepathic Sex Between the Soulbonded

  • Temporary Soulbonding For Fun And Profit

  • Three-Person Soulbonds

  • Transfer of Soulbond

  • Unable to Form a Soulbond

  • Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining

  • Vampire Induced Soulbond

  • Voluntary but Permanent Soulbonds

  • Waking Up Soulbonded After a Night Out

  • Werewolf Induced Soulbond

  • You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulbonded Is Alive

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[personal profile] raininshadows 2017-03-25 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
This is an attempt to explain the "Solar/Lunar bond" trope I nominated. It's a fandom-specific trope, with the fandom being Exalted 2E.

Quick glossary:
Exalted: person who's been given cool magic powers by getting a bit of divine power stuck to their soul
Solar: person with magic powers coming from the sun god
Lunar: person with magic powers coming from the moon deity
Abyssal: person with magic powers coming from an assortment of really awful precursor gods, now dead
Infernal: person with magic powers coming from an assortment of really awful precursor gods, now imprisoned forever
All of the above reincarnate, and the bond carries over between incarnations.

If you're interested in the better-explained version, send me a PM and I can get you copies of the actual books that explain this. This is a really stripped-down version, and there's several years of conflicting writing here.

The Solar/Lunar bond as canon explains it: "A supernatural connection [between a Lunar and their] Solar mate."

"While refining the Essences of her Chosen, Luna agreed to instill an innate bond within each Lunar, tying that Exalt’s Essence to that of a single Solar. Thus, each of the 300 Moonchildren was mystically associated with one of the 300 Solars as surely as day is paired with night. Whether by design, happenstance or personal interaction, different Lunars formed bonds with Solars with varied degrees of strength. Ma-Ha-Suchi says he scarcely grieved when his spouse was murdered, though his subsequent headlong plunge into the Wyld suggests he harbored feelings he would not admit. Lilith remained with her First Age spouse Desus despite physical abuse that sometimes shattered her bones, but no one can say whether she stayed because of her Solar Bond or the supernatural mental influence of her mate. Whatever the individual relationship might have been, these bonds still exist. As the Solars return to Creation, the Children of the Moon find they cannot ignore their ancient bonds."

Every Solar has a Lunar mate, and every Lunar has a Solar mate. The Lunar is drawn to the Solar, magically bound to care deeply for the Solar, and hindered in taking actions that disadvantage and helped in taking actions that advantage the Solar. (The Solar doesn't really see an effect either way unless you houserule it, except in one particular situation.) Canonically, there are a few examples of this working out really well - couples who fought the greatest of evils together, platonic friends whose relationship lasted millennia - and a lot of examples of this working out really, really badly. One of the recurring NPCs of the setting is a Lunar whose bondmate was horrifyingly abusive and who is now out to kill his reincarnation for revenge. Another actually murdered his a few thousand years ago ago for the good of the world because she was a terrible person, both in general and to him specifically, and manipulated the hell out of her reincarnation so he'd be more pliable.

In case this needed more problems, about half the Solars have been horribly twisted by a particular piece of the canon backstory. Instead of being glorious shining heroes like the Solars are theoretically supposed to be, they're either warriors of dead gods meant to destroy all reality (Abyssals) or weapons of insane cast-down gods meant to break their masters out of their prison and cause a Lovecraftian end-of-days in which their masters rule the world and crush all mortals beneath them (Infernals). The bond still holds. The effects of the bond are still the same. This is also the one situation where Solars see some effects from the bond - the dead gods who control the Abyssals don't like it when their minions aren't destroying reality like they're supposed to, and can take action against them to make them get back to it, but if the specific issue is about their Lunar mate (e.g. having a positive relationship with them, protecting them, having kids with them), there's nothing to be done. The bond is too powerful.
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[personal profile] klutzygirl 2017-03-25 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
How exactly does "Pregnant From A Soulbond" work? I'm intrigued by this one. LOL.

[personal profile] rosewithallherthorns 2017-03-25 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I didn't nominate it, but I'd assume it means that you can be pregnant even if you don't have sex if you have a soulbond. Perhaps with the caveat of needing to kiss or cuddle with them. May include pregnancies from incompatible pairings, like f/f, m/m, ghost/alive, species that normally reproduce another way or human/nonhuman.
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[personal profile] klutzygirl 2017-03-25 02:16 pm (UTC)(link)
That's what I was thinking but wasn't entirely sure!
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[personal profile] fangirlism 2017-03-25 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
What are the traditional soulmate AU tropes going to be classed as? (Like the tattooed named/time they'll meet/etc?) Edit: Nvm I found "Soulmate name as Tattoo" in the freeforms

And if I wanted a fic where the soulmates can read each other's minds, is that "Soulbond Telepathy"? Edit: And I also found "Soulmate Telepathy" as well. I should read the tagset before I ask questions sorry.
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(Anonymous) 2017-03-25 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Just wanted to leave a quick explanation of a trope I nominated, "Gravity Falls Do-Over Universe; Soulmates Share Do-Overs". Copying and pasting from an FFA comment I left a while ago about this concept, minor non-plotty spoilers from Gravity Falls' Journal 3:

One of the alternate universes Ford visited was called the "Do-Over Universe". There you live your life normally until, randomly, the timeline rewinds and sticks you at some point in the past. You could wind up a week earlier or you could wind up five years old again. This happens for everyone in this universe and is really annoying. There are even "timelineologists" who try and predict "what the time will be like", like weathermen.

There was a subtle implication, though, that each person has their own do-over timeline and doesn't have memories from when other people have do-overs (one of the examples given was "Your girlfriend sees your messy apartment and dumps you. Time reverses and you clean your apartment before she comes over. She asks you to marry her. Time reverses again to before you started dating her and now you don't even have a girlfriend").

So I got to thinking, what about a soulmate AU where this happens, but soulmates share memories from rewinds/do-overs/yo-yos/whatever. Your mom and dad don't remember that you got straight F's on your report card, but your soulmate does.

Conflicting Soulbonds/Soulmates

[personal profile] rosewithallherthorns 2017-03-26 05:14 pm (UTC)(link)
What does this mean?

It could mean that two soulmates have different goals. But conflicting soulbonds sounds more like you can really only have one soulbond and the soulbonds fight and make everyone sick or something. Could the nominator clarify or someone say what their take on them was?

(Anonymous) 2017-04-10 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
What does "Saying Their Soulmate's Last Words" mean?

(Anonymous) 2017-04-10 04:29 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not a problem -- as you say, I probably should just focus on tropes that I understand better! But I was curious, because it sounds so tragic.