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Schedule, rules, & other vital information

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Unless otherwise stated, all deadlines will happen at 11:59PM UTC.

Nominations: March 25 - April 1 CLOSED
Signups: April 3 - April 16 CLOSED
Assignments out: April 19
Default deadline: May 31 PASSED
Posting deadline: June 3 PASSED
Gift reveals: 1AM UTC June 12

What is this?:

Soul Exchange is a fanfic and fanart exchange for soulmate and soulbond tropes. Participants will match on relationships, tropes, and type of fanwork they want to offer/receive.

Once nominations are underway, I'll put up a post in this community to list all of the tropes nominated since tag sets can be kind of confusing to read. Nominators will be able to comment in that post with explanations of rare or potentially confusing tropes.

Nominations: Nominations are now closed.

There is no limit on which fandoms can be nominated! Yes, this means that RPF and Original Works will be allowed.

Each person will be allowed to nominate:
  • Up to 5 fandoms;
  • Up to 10 relationships per fandom;
  • Along with up to 7 tropes as freeform tags.

Romantic and platonic relationships will both be allowed. Poly relationships will also be allowed.

Please follow the following guidelines for nominations:
- Use slashes between names (John Doe/Regina Roe) for romantic relationships, and use ampersands between names (John Doe & Regina Roe) for platonic relationships.
- When nominating tropes, make sure to specify whether they're soulmate or soulbond tropes, since some people will prefer to match on only one or the other.
- Nominate crossover relationships under the fandom Crossover Fandom, and format them as John Doe (Fandom 1)/Regina Roe (Fandom 2).
- When nominating fandoms that have multiple incarnations (such as Marvel Comics vs. MCU), please disambiguate your relationships to help prevent tag drift.

Nominations will close at 11:59 PM UTC on April 1. A list of currently-nominated tropes can be found here.


You may only sign up once. Sockpuppet signups may be removed, at the mod's discretion.

Like other Ao3-matched exchanges, your signup will consist of two halves: Requests and Offers.


You'll be allowed to request from 3 to 10 fandoms, 1 to 10 relationships per fandom, and 1 to 10 freeform tags (tropes) per fandom. You'll also be able to select whether you want to receive fanfic, fanart, or both. (The fanfic and fanart tags will appear on the signup form under the "characters" section due to Ao3 limitations.)

You'll be allowed to request the same fandom more than once so you can fine-tune your requests (for instance, if you want soulmate timers for any relationship, but only want soulmate-induced aging for one specific ship), but you'll still need to request at least three fandoms for matching purposes.

Requests will be visible to everyone during signups and throughout the exchange period.


You'll be allowed to offer from 3 to 10 fandoms, 1 to 10 relationships per fandom, and 2 to 10 freeform tags (tropes) per fandom. You can also select "any" for relationships, but this means you are willing to offer literally any of the relationships in the tag set. Be careful with this!

Like with requesting, you'll be allowed to offer the same fandom more than once for fine-tuning, but you will still need to offer at least three fandoms for matching purposes.


Fanfic assignments should be a minimum of 1000 words. Fanart assignments should be at least inked line-art on white paper or polished digital art; no pencil sketches, lined paper, or obviously unfinished work.

Treats are allowed, and have no minimum limitations. You may post treats in the main collection whenever you like.

Assignments will go out as early as possible on April 19. You will have until June 3 to complete and upload your assignment.


If you are not able to complete your assignment, please go to your "My Assignments" page and click the "Default" button before 11:59 PM UTC on May 31.

You will not be allowed to participate in Soul Exchange in the future if you default after the default deadline, fail to turn in your assignment before the posting deadline (without defaulting), or if you delete your uploaded assignment after the posting deadline.

Pinch Hits:

When a writer or artist defaults, their recipient will become a pinch hit. (There may also be initial pinch hits right after assignments go out, if no suitable match is found for them.) Pinch hits will be posted on this community and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not accept more than one pinch hit at a time.

The only time a pinch hitter will not be sought is if the defaulted-on recipient also defaulted. This is the only case where a participant might not receive a gift -- they may still receive treats, but this isn't guaranteed.


Gifts will be revealed when everyone has a gift, but not before June 4 at 1AM UTC on June 12. Gifters will remain anonymous for one week after gift reveals.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them here and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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