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Nominations are closing in roughly 18 and a half hours -- tonight at 11:59 PM UTC. (That's 7 PM US Eastern Time.) To see the time remaining until the deadline, click here for a countdown timer.

The time for corrections and clarifications to the tag set will be before signups start on Monday, April 3. So if you see any problems there, comment here as soon as possible to let me know!
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I find freeforms incredibly difficult to parse in tag sets, so I'm making this post for anyone who has the same issue. Feel free to comment if you don't understand what a particular trope means or if you'd like to explain one that you nominated.

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Unless otherwise stated, all deadlines will happen at 11:59PM UTC.

Nominations: March 25 - April 1 CLOSED
Signups: April 3 - April 16 CLOSED
Assignments out: April 19
Default deadline: May 31 PASSED
Posting deadline: June 3 PASSED
Gift reveals: 1AM UTC June 12

What is this?:

Soul Exchange is a fanfic and fanart exchange for soulmate and soulbond tropes. Participants will match on relationships, tropes, and type of fanwork they want to offer/receive.

Once nominations are underway, I'll put up a post in this community to list all of the tropes nominated since tag sets can be kind of confusing to read. Nominators will be able to comment in that post with explanations of rare or potentially confusing tropes.

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Gifts will be revealed when everyone has a gift, but not before June 4 at 1AM UTC on June 12. Gifters will remain anonymous for one week after gift reveals.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them here and I'll get back to you ASAP!


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